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Featured on the Apprentice

February 12 2013

Featured on the Apprentice

babyglowIn 2011, the website which I was commissioned to do the logo design and first draft of the web design for Chris, the creator of the baby glow product.

This was back in 2007 when I was in a meeting with chris talking about this amazing product and started to get ideas on how he wanted the site to look and feel, he was very set in his approach for the website.

Over the last year babyglow has been taken over by a different company full time and has taken a rapid change in look and feel, but you can still view the old design here.

The product was featured on the BBC show “The Apprentice” where the team on the show had to go out and pitch the idea of the product to some big names.

It was great seeing a logo I had designed being shown on national tv.