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March 12 2013

Featured On

What a great start to the new year (jan 2011), after just a few days of designing and getting the web app coded it was featured in Mashable.

What is

Mashable is the largest independent online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. With more than 20 million unique monthly visitors, Mashable has one of the most engaged online news communities, in short if the BBC or CNNS was to just report on internet stuff, this would be them.

So how did flickwalla come to light, well as with ever start to my day, I fire up mashable on the iPad and read the latest things in our industry, to make sure I’m uptodate on the new things out and coming.

I saw a post referring to a site that was created for and instantly thought to myself  ” hey what about the millions of people using”. So straight away got the note pad out started to work out a framework design for the site, and how the apis for gowalla etc can be used.

With the help of  a few others we set out to get the app created and created fast, so while the coder was getting the code in place I got to the design phase, and fired up photoshop. With in 24 hours we had it all coded up and ready for testing, and success on the first try.

So I bought the domain ( taking the idea from the name ) and we was all set and live.


I dropped an email over to benny wong ( the creator of ) to see what he thought, and had a great reply …..

Later that day, we picked up a tweet @flickwalla from itsself.


This was great news, as it reached out to 27,000 of its twitter followers, which made the site explode with traffic for us and the web app was holding to the test of this massive surge of users. The link they had posted was to a post on their main site’s blogged viewed by millions. This just blew my mind, seeing an article about us and our web app, you can view the post here.

Funny as always when I’m dealing, or being wrote about from america, they always have to get it in there some where about my name being Dean Martin ;)

So with this great success, the twitter account was going crazy, my iPhone was messaging me ever few seconds wtih the @flickwalla twitter account mentions.

Then income the one i was waiting for @mashable mention from their twitter account. Since I have started building projects for myself for the internet, its always been on my bucketlist to have a project mentioned or wrote about on mashable, and seeing that message meant a great deal to me and the team that helped us get the app made so fast.

You can read the article here on