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About Me

aboutme I’m a full-time freelance web designer, from essex in the United Kingdom. I have been working in the web design industry now for over 8 years and loving ever day of it. I graduated with an BEng Degree in “Internet Engineering and Design, and a Masters MSc in E-commerce Technology from the University of Essex.

I’ve worked with clients from all over the world from the united states to good old jolly england ( with large amount website design essex , and neighbouring counties ).

I specialise in web design, mobile web design, iPhone design, iPad design, branding, user interface design,  content management systems such as wordpress, drupal, e-commerce shopping/store systems to mention just a few.

In my spare time I love playing basketball, working out doing p90x, surfing, and Deejaying.

Random facts about me.

Growing up I played national League basketball as a starting point guard for the Brentwood Fire, sadly I did not grow above 6 ft – but I sure did try
Even though my name is Dean Martin ( and it seems my parents where not a fan of the rat pack singer and movie star ) I have no desire to sign in public, or become an actor.
As a young boy all I wanted to do when I got older was be a cartoonist ( I sort of got close to that being a designer )
At age 32 I have yet to try beer – the smell just makes me not want to try it, and even tho some people say – you learn to like it, seems like its the wrong way to like something.
I’m Dyslexic, but they did not pick up on this till I was at university, but once they knew, was great to get help in areas that it was needed, and every year they gave you a free computer.

So you’ve heard a little bit about me, so why should you take your next project with me.


  • I’m creative in my design and work.
  • The whole process from start to finish will be smooth
  • I have experience in running successful websites as well
  • I’ve worked on over 834 websites and counting to date.

So if that sounds appealing for your needs, why not get in contact with me.